About Us


Manito Title Insurance Company is a self insuring, independent, family owned business which is managed by Manito Abstract Company, Inc.

Manito Abstract Company, Inc. opened for business on June 4, 1970 by our founder Robert J, West. Bob built this company by a tradition of integrity and service. Upon his passing in 1995 his sons Bruce and Ken have proudly continued to provide the same services and community support. This has enabled Manito Abstract to continue to compete with today's businesses, all the while maintaining a family friendly attitude.

Our team of experienced professionals can answer all of your business questions and provide all of your title needs. Please contact us at 610-436-4767.


The religion of the Lenni-Lenape Indians held the god Manito as the greatest of helpers when the world was created. Manito put the birds in the trees, the animals on the plains, and gave each living creature distinguishing characteristics. But paramount to us, it was Manito who made the land!

Thus, Manito Abstract Company is at your service today when you want to buy land - or any property. For the protection for the title to that property, consult us anytime.